Next generation cloud service and interactive live-streaming app for your autocross events. 
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SCCA Solo Nationals 2013

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AutoX Live! will be at the SCCA Solo Nationals in Lincoln, NE from 9/1 through 9/6 (Sunday - Friday)

( iOS / Android / Blackberry )

Key Features:
Live.  Interactive.  Easy.

Real-time RAW, PAX, and CLASS results streamed to your smartphone.

Event directory for quick access to events anywhere in the country.

Support for custom classes and groupings, works with any rule set (SCCA, BMWCCA, PCA, etc.)

Easy setup.  Live results with push-button simplicity.  

More features coming soon!!!  

PAAS-based architecture easily scales to handle thousands of participants with low latencies.

> 99.97% uptime (*per SLA with provider).