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SCCA Solo Nationals 2013

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AutoX Live! will be at the SCCA Solo Nationals in Lincoln, NE from 9/1 through 9/6 (Sunday - Friday)

All your questions answered.

How easy is it to use?  

All you need is an internet connection.   A small program called AXBridge transmits live results to the AXL cloud service.  End users navigate to to access the live results.

When will AXL go live?  

AXL is fully functional and all clubs are invited to use AXL for their events.  It has been serving events in the DC region since the beginning of the 2013 season. AutoX Live! Is the first cloud-based live streaming application to serve the autocross community.

How fast are updates?  

Racers typically have results before they are announced.  Cone calls and other penalties are displayed as soon as they have been entered into the timing software.

Our site doesn't have internet access!  How do we connect to the internet?   

The easiest way to connect to the internet is to use a smart phone’s mobile hotspot.  A smart phone can also be used as a tether.   

We don't have a mobile hotspot or tethering plan, can our club use AXL?  

These are features that are supported by all current smartphones.  Some cell carriers bundle mobile hotspots and tethering into their data packages, others require a small additional fee.  However, downloadable programs exist to provide these capabilities if your plan does not include them.   I recommend a program called "EZ Tether".

Will this cause my data rates to skyrocket?  

No.  A 100 participant event typically uses ~1MB of data.  Data use grows linearly as number of competitors increase and is not related to end-user traffic.  

How reliable is AXL?  

Per SLA with provider, AXL has > 99.97% uptime.   

Can this also run over wifi?  

A club can set up a wifi router for people who lack cell coverage at an event site.  If established wifi service is available, a club does not need a tether.

How much does AXL cost?  

Payments are handled per-event and are donation-based.  Upon completion of an event, Paypal payment can be made using AXBridge.   It's my goal to provide the autocross community with next-generation, interactive features that are affordable for every club.

What is a mobile web app?  

Not to be mistaken with a website formatted for mobile devices, AXL is a mobile application and has access to integration with the phone's hardware and software services.  This allows advanced interactive features to be developed.

What are the hardware and software requirements?  

Internet connection and a Windows PC running AXWare*.

Does AXL work with timing software other than AXWare?   Will AXL be available for national level SCCA events?

I am happy to work with organizations to meet their live timing requirements.   

Does AXL work with tablets and desktop browsers?  

Yes.  Tablet and desktop profiles are being developed so the application looks great on every platform.

When will Windows Phone be supported?

This depends on when the display framework (a component library used by AXL) will support Windows Phone. The framework steering committee has stated it is on their roadmap for 2014.  Windows phones represent 4% of smart phone users.

Will a downloadable version of the program be available in iTunes or Google Play?  

This is easily accomplished and will be provided if demand exists.

Does using AXL violate our club’s EULA agreement with the timing software provider?

Absolutely not!   AXL does not infringe on the IP of any other software vendor.  

To read the AutoX Live! EULA, please click here.

*AXWare is a copyright of AXWare Systems and is not related to AutoX Live!

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